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Rebuilding The Lives Of The Victims
The Superstorm Haiyan Survivors'
A Peek At Who We Are Helping
It's a timeless quote: " A picture is worth a thousand words." Fact is, it tells millions of stories no amount of words can ever fill. Check out the desolation and damage of the SuperTyphoon Haiyan. Months into the aftermath, victims are struggling to pick up their lives. With their livelihood gone, "Bangka Relief" restores their means, lift them, and move them a step away from "aid dependency", guiding them to becoming productive constituents again.
The First fishermen To Benefit from "Boat Relief"
Eduardo Tamawan, Maricaban, Sta. Fe
Henry Illut, Maricaban, Sta. Fe
"Bangka Relief" at work towards Sustainability
To this day, only few have been extended help. There are still more than 3,000 fishermen in the neighboring villages of Tacloban anxiously awaiting assistance.
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The cost of Super Storm Haiyan could top $12B having literally flattened homes, crops and infrastructures, displacing more than 4 million people.

Why 5K/1M and not 10K, half or full marathon? 5K represent the more than 5,000 people who perish from the storm. 1M stands for the more than a thousand still missing to this day!

Most of the disaster relief efforts and programs to rehabilitate are focused on Tacloban. But there are many other areas around Tacloban that were similarly ravaged that are not getting the attention they needed.

Run4Help is hoping to help as many fishermen in these areas as it possibly can.

Run4Help is not about saving lives. It is about making an imprint on the lives of survivors. And there is no better way of impacting their lives than assist in restoring a sustainable economic means for these people.

And all they need is an operable fishing boat.

This fundraiser did not make any profit or any monetary gains. This was a one-time local fundraiser which proceeds were all donated directly to the people not reached by International Relief. We did not, in any way, intended to, nor made any profit from any of the images used or inadvertently used by an amateur web designer who also only volunteered their services for free. We are keeping the website as a promise to those who believed in us, and supported us as long as we can keep this site for free. We have not, or are not receiving any compensation for keeping their logos, and are keeping them as an acknowledgment or gratitude for providing minimal financial help only to stage the event. This fundraiser has long been inactive.